Receiving the Shortest Aliyos


Gut Voch Rabbis. I had some disagreements with my Rabbi. For the last 2 Shabbatot, my Rabbi Boruch Hashem has given me aliyos, but they have been the shortest aliyos in each Parashah, including the very short aliya in Parashah Naso, the longest Parashah and a Parashah which has several lengthy aliyos. Why would my Rabbi give me the 2 shortest aliyos in 2 consecutive Parashas over 2 consecutive Shabbatot?



  1. I must admit that I have never heard of the importance of Aliyos being defined by their length.

    In any event, the shortest Aliyah in Parshas Nasso is Shlishi, which is ten pesukim long. Interestingly enough, the Aliyos of Shlishi and Shishi are considered to be the most “prestigious” Aliyos – although, in my humble opinion, every Aliyah is as prestigious as the next, regardless of its length and its position.

    So, too, in Parshas Behaloscha, the shortest Aliyah is Shlishi at fourteen pesukim long. Personally, it sounds to me as if your Rabbi is actually trying to honor you by giving you Shlishi on two Shabossos in a row.

    Best wishes from the Team