My Family Mezuzah


Hi Rabbi, according to Judaism may I now affix on my doorpost a mezuzah that was once on the home of my deceased parents? Thanks.



  1. What an interesting and beautiful question! Yes, you certainly may use that mezuzah, provided it is completely yours and not an item meant to be shared with your siblings or other possible heirs.

    In fact, your doing a mitzvah with a mezuzah that they used and you received from them is considered according to Judaism to be quite meritorious for your parents. Aside from your doing a mitzvah of affixing a mezuzah for yourself with property received with their help, you are also honoring them by showing family continuity of Jewish observance.

    In a more mystical sense, using their mezuzah is seen as a source of comfort to your parents’ souls and also an elevation of their souls in the World to Come.

    In addition, having their mezuzah on your home will likely be a source of comfort and consolation to you.

    However, before you put it up I think that it would be a good idea to have it checked by an expert sofer (scribe) to make sure that it is, beyond a doubt, still kosher and the ink did not fade or peel with age and climate.

    Best wishes from the Team