Mezuzah Delay


How soon should one have their mezuzahs up following moving into a new home? We just moved into a new apartment two weeks ago, and our shipment of mezuzahs that we ordered online was delayed for a reason we cannot seem to ascertain. We ordered them online from a supplier who says they haven’t yet received the ones they are supposed to ship to us. It sounds like a worker shortage could be at play and it might take several more weeks. There is no local place here to buy them either and mail order is really the only option. We are embarrassed because we will be having some company the next two Shabbosim and we have no mezuzahs on our doors.



  1. First, please accept my Brachah that you have a Yishuv Kal – an easy and smooth acclimation – in your new apartment.

    Outside of Israel (which is where I assume you are writing from) the Halacha is that Mezuzos should be put up within thirty days of moving in. In Israel, they should be put up immediately. If it is clearly going to take longer than thirty days, I would suggest that you send out a post to the local communities around you to see if there are any spare Mezuzos you can put up temporarily until yours arrive.

    Best wishes from the Team