Milky and Meaty Washing Machines?


If I need to separate into different sinks and dish washers between milk and meat, why would I not have to separate washing machines? Meaning, if I have a tablecloth that had spilled a meat dish on it, and I go and wash it, and then a day later I have a tablecloth with milk spilled on it and I come to wash it, is this not the same thing as the sink/dish washer?

How do we paskin between the sink/dish washer and the clothes washing machine?



  1. What a fascinating question! Even though the Ashkenazi custom is to be stringent in many spheres of Kashrut, nevertheless, there is no problem with using the same washing machine to wash meaty and milky tablecloths. The reason is because it is not considered to be a method of cooking. Together with that is the fact that one does not get any benefit from the meat and the milk itself when the tablecloths are washed in the same washing machine.

    Best wishes from the Team