Hello i wanted to know more about the Messiah. I wanted to know if they might have a prophecy about a woman giving birth to the messiah. If there are no prophecy stating the messiah is being born of a woman can the messiah still be born of a woman? Instead of him being already grown can the mark be on a woman to have the messiah. If so what would be the prophecy the woman would have to fulfil in order to be the messiah’s mother. Are christians prophecy similar to jewish prophecies concerning the Messiah?
Thank you

2 years


  1. Jewish writings teach that the Messiah will be a human being – born to a human mother and a human father. There is no description that I know of that portrays what (or who) the mother of the Messiah will be like.

    Fascinatingly enough, we are taught that a potential Messiah is born in every generation and if the generation is found to be worthy by God he will be universally recognized as the ambassador of God.

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