Man or Woman


My female cousine who is gay and Jewish is in the process of removing her female body parts and get a male body part

According to Jewish law after “remodeling” is she a man or a female and

if a man

can she/ he be called to the Torah in a Satie shul




  1. Transgenderism is a very sensitive subject. While I am not belittling the difficulties that a transgender person faces, Judaism believes that both the body and the soul belong to God and that they have been placed together by God for the time that they spend in this world. This means that the body and the soul of each person has been Divinely matched to allow us all to reach our potential. God gives each and every one of us the tools that we need to be able to reach the highest levels of connection to Him and for us to be able to make the greatest impact that we can. As such, in general, Judaism regards someone born as a woman to be a woman despite the fact that their body no longer shares any resemblance to that of a woman.

    However, due to the extreme sensitivity of the issue, the Rabbi of each community should be consulted as to what the correct thing to do is in each individual situation.

    Best wishes from the Team