Sha’atnez Testing


Is there a “definitive” explanation about what does and doesn’t need to be tested for Shatnez? I can’t seem to get a consistent answer. Some I ask say that only certain suspect items need testing while others list a set of items that amounts to the majority of my wardrobe. What is the commonly followed halachic view of this matter? Does everything need to be tested when possible? Does a 100% cotton [etc.] tag matter? If I have multiple items from the same package, like socks or underwear, is it okay to test just one of them? Thank you and have a wonderful day and onward.



  1. Any piece of clothing that lists either wool or linen as one of the materials it was made from needs to be tested for Sha’atnez. Even if an item of clothing is listed as 100% wool or 100% linen, it needs to be tested, because the threads that are used to sew the item together, or the threads that are used to sew on the buttons or any other trimmings, may be made from linen of wool.

    An article of clothing that is labelled as 100% cotton does not need to be tested. This is also the case with any other kind of clothing (silk, nylon, polyester etc.) that is labelled as 100%.

    Best wishes from the Team

  2. I am sorry– perhaps I had a totally different confusion! Is linen speaking strictly of the material linen as in the fabric that comes from the flax plant? So therefore it would be labeled as linen on the tag? Mixing cotton with wool, polyester with wool, or any other mixture that does not involve wool or linen would therefore be okay and not require testing? Thank you!

    • Even with this definition I still see pages online listing things like pants as requiring checking indiscriminately. Should I just bring all my most important items to a local tester? I wish there was more clarity on this subject. For an important biblical prohibition such as this you would think there would at least be a few major opinions to go off of to know what is needed. I’m not saying there aren’t– but I am having some trouble finding any!

  3. I apologize for not being clear enough. Any clothing that lists both wool and linen is forbidden to wear. Any clothing that has either wool or linin in needs to be checked because of the concern that the other material might have been used for sewing on buttons and trimmings.

    Best wishes from the Team