Livestreaming Megillah


I am young and vaccinated and boosted, but I still fear that if I were to get COVID, I could get really sick and might not survive. Almost no one wears masks at shul anymore. All the shuls are very crowded on Purim. I am afraid of getting COVID if a come to a crowded shul. I found some shuls that livestream their reading. Can I can fulfill the mitzvah of hearing the Megillah reading via livestream if my reason for avoiding it in person is fear of COVID?



  1. While I empathize with the way that you feel, it is not possible to fulfill your obligation to hear the Megillah through livestreaming. The only options that you have are to either read the Megillah to yourself using a Kosher Megillah or to ask a local authority if you might be considered as exempt from the Mitzvah of listening to the Megillah because of your health concerns.

    Best wishes from the Team