Letters Bet and/or Mem


America~ [Aleph~Mem~Resh~Quf~Hei]

Woven within these letters are the following words: Emoriy~ Aleph~Mem~Resh~Yud meaning “a sayer” Amorite; Amarayah ~Aleph~Mem~Resh~ Yud~Hei meaning “Yah speaks”; amar~ Aleph~Mem~Resh Verb meaning ~ say, utter ones heart, to answer, think, boast, avouch, publish, commune, command, declare; [qara~Quf~Resh~Aleph Verb~ meaning cry out, summon, call & endow, give name to, read aloud be famous, preach]; [araq Aleph~Resh~Quf meaning earth] [qareh~Quf~Resh~Hei meaning chance, accident nocturnal pollution, unclean] [qarah~Quf~Resh~Hei~Verb~ meaning ~ build with beams like the N.Y. twin towers, encounter, befall]; [mara~Mem~Resh~Aleph Verb~meaning~ lift up self, whip rebel , lash , be filthy]; [Mare~Mem~Resh~Aleph~ means “bitterness” rebellion]; [mare~Mem~Resh~Aleph~means lord, master, of ( king) of (G-d)]; [mareh~Mem~Resh~Aleph~Hei means vision, supernatural sight, goodly to look upon, fair, mirror]; [yaraq~Yud~Resh~Quf Verb meaning ~ to spit ]; [raah -Resh~Aleph~Hei means bird of prey, American bald eagle]; [ramah~Resh~Mem~Hei ~Verb~ meaning to beguile,betray, mislead, deal treacherously, cast throw down,hurl]; [ramah~Resh~Mem~Hei meaning~ illicit worship, idolatry, facebook, twitter, media, Hollywood, pro~sports celebrities,mega churches]; [rimmah~Resh~Mem~Hei~ meaning~maggot,worm,decay]; [Horam~ Hei~Resh~Mem~means “exalted”]; [har~Hei~Resh means mountain,promotion]; [raqqah~Resh~Quf~Hei meaning temples,thinness]; [yaqar~Yud~Quf~Resh~ heavy,valuable,rare,costly, precious]; [imrah means Torah, Aleph~Mem~Resh ~Hei ]; [maraq~Mem~Quf~Resh~Verb means ~to scour, polish, bright,furbish i.e. sword]; [mriy~Mem~Resh~Yud~Aleph meaning well-fed fatted beef] [mriy~Mem~Resh~Yud~Aleph means~ rebellious,bitter] Final summation America was from its humble beginnings a nation “rooted” in religious godly principles. However,when the founding fathers “ousted out” the King James Bible and ushered in the Jefferson bible complied by Thomas Jefferson a cultural,spiritual descent into darkness began. Human trafficking seared the souls of “lily white” Americans who embraced its ” vile ” practices with open arms. The “sayer’s” that cried liberty,justice for all became hypocrites,heretics, freethinkers guided by their own twisted,distorted hearts of hatred and disdain. Reprobate representatives governed the people, as slavery flourished and enriched the lives of the elitist few. The great “eagle” nation was born, drenched in treachery,greed, lies, pride & lust. Four hundred years of despicable atrocities have “disgraced ” the face of the home of the “free” and the brave. Strange fruit, blood on the leaves, jetty black bodies hanging from poplar trees. Shall Almighty G-d not make inquisition for innocent blood? Psalm 9:12 When He makes inquisition for blood, He remembers them: He forgets not the “cry “of the humble. Moral decrepitude is the stench of this society “seethed” and ” soaked” in sin. Psalm 50:21 These things thou has done and I kept silent; thou thought that I was as thyself: but I will reprove thee (America) and set them in order before thine eyes. Psalm 50:22 Now consider this ye that “forget” Elowahh, lest I tear in pieces and none to deliver. Torah has been tossed behind the backs of the people and everyone leans to their own understanding. Smooth,slippery, serpentine tongues spew out flatteries: and the heathen are knitted together with one consent. There is no “balm”(Torah) in America. Torah is medication to heal this contrite, broken world.

Is the coming of Mashiach incumbent upon our obedience to Torah and giving freely to those in need, while yet elevating each soul to a higher Spiritual frequency? Also, as we are all Bet houses, which resemble an “open” house with a breached wall, is Mashiach the missing Bet wall, transforming one into a perfected Closed Mem?



  1. The simplest and most effective way of bringing the Mashiach is by the Jewish Nation keeping Hashem’s Torah and living our lives as Hashem dictates.

    There us no clarity about the meaning of what you call a “perfect closed mem.” However,the Letter bet represents blessing and creation. The Rabbis teach that this is why the first letter of the Torah is a bet. The letter mem definitely represents the Messianic Era. And the Rabbis explain that the difference between the regular mem, which is open and the final mem, which is closed, is that the regular mem represents the pre-Messianic Era, whereas the final mem represents the actual Messianic Era.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team