Messianic Arrival


How does the Tanakh describe the coming of the Messiah?



  1. The Messianic Era will be heralded in with peace and tranquility throughout the world – that is the famous prophecy of swords being beaten into plowshares. According to an accepted view, the Messianic Era will span one thousand years. The Messiah will be a mortal being who will pass on his dynasty to his descendants. What will be after that time is something that cannot be answered.

    Jewish Tradition states that a potential Messiah is born in every generation. It is the behavior of each generation that dictates whether he will live out his life incognito or not. The Messiah will have parents and will be born in a natural fashion. Knowing who that person is will have no bearing on whether he will be “allowed” to fulfill his destiny. The only thing that it would do is place the most unbearable pressure on him.

    The Rambam, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, states that, as we have no way of knowing what will be, one should not spend too much time mulling over the End of Days and the Messianic Era.

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