Kashering a Fork


Dear Rabbi,

I had meat with a dairy fork by accident. What should I do with the fork now?

4 months


  1. The fork should not be used for twenty four hours and cleaned thoroughly.

    Then the fork should be put into a pot of boiling water. It makes no difference if the pot used is meaty or milky. What is important is that the water must be heated up to such a heat that when the fork is placed in it the water does not stop bubbling.

    After the fork has been completely immersed in the boiling water for a moment it must be removed and placed in a pan of cold water. A word of advice: It is not a good idea to take the fork out of the boiling water with your hand!

    After that the fork is kosher and can then be used as before.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team