Intermarriage Dilemma


A relative is planning to intermarry. How should I relate to them? Stay away from them or be close with them? Thank you Rabbi.



  1. Your question made me very sad – as I am sure that it does you, too, as it is a tragedy when a Jew marries a non-Jew.

    What should you do? It is hard to answer your question definitively as I do not know what kind of relationship you have with your relative. However, Jewish Law prohibits giving tacit approval to mixed marriages, and, as such, that means that you should not be attending the wedding. Having said that, personally I think that the best way to deal with your non-attendance would be to speak with your relative and to explain that your inability to attend their wedding has nothing to do with your lack of love for them. Express that you love them very much but that you are unable to attend because of what their choice to intermarry means.

    Best wishes from the Team