Hebrew Name for Ira Mordkowitz


pls provide Hebrew name for Ira Mordkowitz, if possible.

thank you



  1. If you are asking how to spell the name Ira Mordkowitz in Hebrew, I think that it is: איירה מורדקוביץ
    Ira: aleph, yud, yud, heh.
    Mordkowitz: mem, vav, resh, dalet, kuf, vav, bet, yud, final tzadi.

    If you are asking what the Hebrew name for Ira is, the accepted custom is to use a name in Hebrew that either starts with the same letter as the name in English or that sounds similar. In the case of the name Ira, I would suggest using the name Aryeh: אריה (aleph, resh, yud, heh), as it starts with the letter aleph, as does Ira when transliterated, and it also sounds similar as well.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team