Aloha! Hassinah as a Name?


Aloha Rabbi:

My niece has a daughter named “Hadassah” and she is now expecting another girl! She wants to name her daughter “Hassina” but add an “h” to create = Hassinah Is that possible to do and retain the meaning of “Very Beautiful” ? Please lmk I also provided the link to Hebrew girls names that start with an H I REALLY NEED HELP FOR MY NEICE I appreciate your help Blessings & Shaloha




  1. Shalom and alohoa to you as well!

    I have never heard of the name Hassina before, but that does not mean that it is not a name! If I had to guess, I would say its root would be the Hebrew word that means “strong” or “protected.”

    In any event, I don’t see any reason why it cannot be spelled as “Hassinah” – with an ‘h’ at the end – since anyway the name is being transliterated from another language.

    May your entire family have much happiness and many blessings with her addition to your family!

    Best wishes from the Team