Newborn Name


I am a lightly observant reform Jew (ashkenazi). Observe high holidays and consider myself a traditionalist. My wife would like to pass my middle name to our newborn son as his middle name. I can’t tell how I feel about this. Can someone please explain what, if any, implications exist if we go through with this?



  1. The accepted custom among Ashkenazim is not use the names of those living. However, among the Sephardim it is considered to be a great honor to have a baby named after you. In truth, I am not sure that there are any “implications,” per se. It is a custom but it is not a matter of Jewish law.

    Subsequently, I would suggest that if your wife feels very strongly about this, then your marital harmony is of more pressing importance. If, however, your wife feels that it would be a beautiful idea but she is okay if it does not happen, I would suggest that you choose a different middle name for you son.

    Best wishes from the Team