Guilt-Offering Nowadays


Vayikra chapter 7 says about burnt and guilt offering. Today what can be used instead of guilt offering?

2 years


  1. Ever since mankind was created the ability to atone has existed. The Midrash relates (Bereishis Rabbah 22-28) that Adam heard from Cain that Hashem had accepted his repentance for the death of Abel. The Talmud (Tractate Eruvin 18) states that as a result of this, Adam also repented for the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge, and fasted for 130 years and separated from his wife.

    This potential is extant today as it has been throughout the ages. The Temple, with its services and sacrifices, served as a means to focus the penitent’s attention on his/her sins. The Midrash Tanchuma Tzav 17, states that prayers are a replacement for the sacrifices. The Talmud, Tracate Menachot 110, states that one who studies the Laws of the Sacrifices is considered as if he actually offered them up. The Rokeach, Rabbi Elazar M’Germeiza, states that the learning of Torah outweighs all the sacrifices.

    As you can see the sacrifices have never been a prerequisite for repentance. It also explains how it would be possible for a person to atone for a sin even before he has brought an offering to the Temple. However, in Temple times the atonement alone would not have been sufficient it would still be necessary to bring an offering as well.

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