Grafting Questions


Shalom! I would like to know some halachot about grafting:

Is it allowed to graft trees from the same plant species (e.g. two apple trees)?
Is it allowed to plant such a tree?
Is it allowed to plant a grafted tree which contains two species (e.g. a quince and a pear)?
Is it allowed to plant a tree that is in itself a mixture of two species (e.g. a plumcot, which is a hybrid from a plum x apricot)?

Thank you!



  1. There is no prohibition against grafting two trees that grow the same kind of fruit. That means that you can graft two apple trees together even if they are trees that grow two different kinds of apples.

    It is permissible to plant a tree that someone else has raised that grows grafted fruit. This is so even if the grafted fruits are completely different from each other.

    Best wishes from the Team