Using Own Ma’aser For Self


I am emailing to ask if one has been saving maser, can use the maaser saved for one’s own Torah learning? For Yeshiva, seminary tuition, and the like? Thanks.



  1. For males there is no problem, per se, with using ma’aser to pay Yeshivah tuition. For ladies it is not so clear and a local expert in the Halachos of ma’aser should contacted as each case needs to be judged on its own.

    In general, using one’s own ma’aser to pay for such things is not recommended and most Poskim are against the idea unless there is a very pressing reason. Halachically, what can be done under all circumstances is for the person to use their ma’aser to “sponsor” another person’s tuition (or the part of it that their ma’aser covers) and for the other person to reciprocate by “sponsoring” them in return.

    Best wishes from the Team