Alarm Clock on Shabbos (multiple questions)


My question has multiple parts.

Is one allowed to set an alarm clock to ring on Shabbos?
If the Alarm Clock has a small pod that vibrates, is that allowed?
Is the vibrating pod allowed to be under the pillow on Shabbos?
If the alarm is set to ring on shabbos, is one allowed to turn the volume down before it starts ringing?
If the vibrating pod is set to go off, is one allowed to disconnect it from the alarm before it starts vibrating (there is no electricity going to the pod when it’s not vibrating)?



  1. It is permissible to set an alarm clock on Shabbos so long as it is set before Shabbos. However, under normal circumstances once it is set it cannot be stopped. Can you put it under your pillow? Only if there is no possibility that it will be switched off by the pressure of the pillow or of your head on the pillow. Can you disconnect the vibrating pod if it is not working? It is better not to but  if there is an overwhelming need to do so you can try to disconnect it by using a shinui – i.e. using your left hand.

    Best wishes from the Team