Gluten-Free Bread to Avoid Washing and Benching


There is gluten free bread on the market that looks and tastes just like regular bread and the bracha is shehakol. Is a person who does not require a special gluten free diet permitted to use this bread to dodge washing hands and benching when doing so is inconvenient?



  1. There is no Halachic prohibition against eating such “bread.” The real question, I guess, is whether it is the right thing to do. It is certainly not within the spirit of the Halacha, and to me it sounds rather sad that someone would choose not to wash and bentsch and instead eat something that resembles bread. When they do that, it is clear that they want the experience of eating bread without the “trouble” of having to wash and bentsch. What a wasted opportunity for a person not to choose to connect to Hashem in such a beautiful way.

    Best wishes from the Team