Transgender at a Zimun


My cousin is transgender. We are planning on having her at our seder. She was born a boy and became a woman through a series of surgical procedures when she grew up. She now looks and dresses feminine and is hard to distinguish from any other woman. We plan to have exactly two males above 13 at our seder, me and our oldest son. Does Jewish law still consider her male for ritual purposes? Can we include her as a ‘male’ for the third person in a zimmun?



  1. Due to intense sensitivity and complexity of your question I very much suggest that you speak with Rav Dovid Cohen, the Rav of Gvul Ya’avetz in Brooklyn and one of the most authoritative poskim in America today. Rav Cohen can be contacted every day at: 718 376 7423 between 3pm-4pm
    (except Tuesdays) and 10pm-11pm.

    Best wishes from the Team