Gentile as Bashert?


Is it possible for a gentile to officially be a Jew’s bashert? We Jews are told not to intermarry. But I am curious because I personally know lots of intermarried couples who have some of the happiest marriages I know.



  1. The definition of a Beshert is not just a happy, fulfilled marriage. According to the Rabbis, a Beshert is a person’s other spiritual half. In the words of the Maharal, it is when two souls become one. This means that beyond the simple understanding of building a harmonious home together, a Beshert is someone who will give their spouse everything that they are lacking, in order to reach their spiritual potential. That being so, a non-Jew cannot be the Beshert of a Jew because, by definition, they cannot help their spouse reach their spiritual potential. In fact, by being married to each other, the opposite is happening – their spiritual potential is being diminished.

    Best wishes from the Team