Attending Intermarriage for Lifesaving Situation


Is one allowed to attend an intermarriage ceremony in order to save a life?
My cousin’s son is marrying a non-Jewish woman. My elderly mother is insisting on going to her great nephew’s wedding. She lives independently and is strong willed, and there is nothing I can do physically or legally to stop her. I am familiar with the wedding venue because another relative got married there. It is quite dangerous and has a lot of fall hazards for elderly people, and I am concerned that if I don’t watch her, she could fall and get hurt. I don’t trust anyone else in the family to keep an eye on her the same way I would. I am also invited to the wedding. Normally I would decline attendance at an intermarriage, but I have a strong feeling if I don’t go and stay with her throughout, something bad could happen to her.



  1. I truly apologize but I feel that this is not the right kind of forum for a question as sensitive and as complex as yours. I strongly recommend that you try contacting a local authority, as there are at least several details that he would need to know to be able to answer your question definitively.

    Best wishes from the Team