Fish and Dairy


Hello! I heard that according to the Yalkut Yosef, Sephardi Jews can’t have fish and dairy together but I also heard that this was a typo by his students. Is it more along the lines of fish being cooked with dairy or also cold fish and dairy? Do these rules apply to Mizrahi Jews as well?

Thank you!



  1. It was not a typo and there was no mistake. Rav Ovadia was of the opinion that it was forbidden to eat fish and dairy together in any form. The reason is based on some very early authorities opinions that it was dangerous to one’s health to do so and the ruling of the Bet Yosef. In all events, Rav Ovadia’s ruling is applicable to all kinds of fish and dairy – cold or hot, cooked or raw, or any other combination.

    What is true is that his ruling is not accepted by all Sephardic Jews. Those who follow the Halachic rulings of Rav Ben Tzion Abba Shaul do eat dairy and fish together without being concerned that it might be a source of danger. As well as that, there are Sephardim who do not eat fish and cheese together but they will eat fish and butter together as they are of the opinion that fish and butter is not a danger. Interestingly enough, the Rambam does not mention the possibility that there is any danger to eat fish and dairy together.

    If there is a practical dimension to your question, you should speak with your local Orthodox Sephardic Rabbi for a definitive ruling.

    Best wishes from the Team