Could “Gan” Pertain to the Heart?


gan ~ (Gimmel Nun) garden~enclosure~fig of bride~Garden of Eden.

The following words contain gan (Gimmel Nun): goren ~threshing floor~barn~corn~void place (Gimmel Resh Nun) Isn’t the heart a threshing place for stamping out iniquity?

ragan~Verb~rebel~ grumble~murmur~backbiter~(Resh~Gimmel~Nun) Wouldn’t whispering and complaining occur inwardly?

Goshen “drawing near” (Gimmel~ Shin ~Nun) Isn’t the place where G-d is nearest us is inside the heart chamber.

anag~Verb~to be soft~ dainty pliable~effeminate~ delight (Ayin Nun Gimmel) Aren’t these actions derived in the heart?

Of course gan (Gimmel Nun) may not always be heart related, however this word gan (Gimmel Nun) has a much deeper meaning beyond its surface meaning.




  1. It is an intriguing idea but I have never heard of such a connection before.

    Best wishes from the Team

  2. Rabbi,thanks for an immediate response. Lamentations 3:65 Give them sorrow Masoretic Text {Mem ~Gimmel~Nun~Tav } magen shield protector buckler scaly hide of crocodile KJV sorrow mginnah {Mem~Gimmel~Nun~Hei} a covering obduracy obstinacy blindness (of heart) SORROW has Mem~Gimmel~Nun magen meaning shield buckler obduracy blind gan Gimmel ~Nun alludes to the heart