Choice and Sin


Shalom Rabbi,

The realm in which HaShem lives, is where we all earnestly do mitzvahs, however; is earth not a mere image of the realm? The difference is having skin, but the exact choice to serve our Creator is the same. Whether we have skin or not, the soul is always to choose the Torah. Is it then that whether live continues here on earth or in the realm we call heaven, we will always have a choice? Choice never ceases correct?



  1. In this world, there is always choice. We are confronted with choices throughout our day, and we need to do our best to make the choices that will make our Creator happy. However, in the World of Souls – which is the existence that the soul ends up in after leaving the body – there is no ability to choose. Once the soul is left unencumbered by the physicality of the body, there is no reason for the soul to be drawn towards anything other than Hashem’s Will.

    Best wishes from the Team