Jewish Day from Night to Day


1. Jewish feast days start at sunset and end at sunset the next day?

2. Moses also observed the Sabbath and other feast days from sunset to sunset?

Some think holy days run from sunrise to sunrise, but I don’t agree.

We are Christians who observe the Levitical holy days and Shabbat and we revoke the Catholic holidays.

May the Creator God continue to bless you and Israel for your work.




  1. In the Jewish calendar, each and every day begins with the evening.

    This is true not only for the holidays, but for any calendar date. For example, a baby born in the evening has a different birth-date than a baby born before sundown. Why is this so?

    In describing the order of Creation, the Torah says “There was darkness on the face of the deep; and God said ‘Let there be light’ and there was light.” (Gen. 1:5)

    Clearly, the darkness existed before the light. Similarly, the description of each day ends with the phrase “and it was evening, and it was morning…” Again, the evening precedes the morning. Thus, the “Jewish day” begins in the evening.

    This symbolizes classic Jewish optimism: If it’s dark in the beginning, don’t despair. It will end in great light!

    Best wishes from the Team