Being Worshipped Against My Will


Without me asking for it or provoking it, I now have a following of fans who refer to me on social media as a ‘god.’ They have built a virtual cult around me. I have no control over the fact this is happening. And I have no way of communicating to these people at large that I don’t like this.

It all started when I appeared on TV one time to promote a product I invented in an effort to sell it to earn a livelihood. This led to many more TV and media appearances. It’s been good for business, and in that sense, I have no regrets. The cult following is an unintended consequence that I find really disturbing.



  1. What a fascinating conundrum! Even though you say that you cannot do anything about it, I think that you must make a very clear statement on all of your social media outlets, and any other resources that you have, that you object to what people are writing about you, and that you respectfully ask them to stop it immediately.

    Best wishes from the Team