Attracted to Ásatrú


I am an orthodox Jew. I was raised orthodox (Chabad), I learn frequently, I practice consistently. Yet recently have been curious about Ásatrú ( a sect of Norse paganism) and have been dedicated to doing much research on it, slowly developing a connection to it. I am torn on what I should do about it. Do you have any advice?



  1. The first thing that you should do is desist from looking into Ásatrú any further. As you are completely aware, it is Avodah Zarah and it is absolutely forbidden for you to have any exposure to it. I also suggest that you contact a spiritual mentor (a mashpiah or someone you respect and listen to) to ask them to help you understand what is wrong with Ásatrú in particular and with Avodah Zarah in general. I would hope that once you have a better grasp of the issues, you will not be attracted to it as you are right now.

    Best wishes from the Team