Hello, thank you for taking the time and for the constant wisdom that pours forth from you. I am challenged by some pretty serious mental health matters that I am receiving treatment for. Much of the time, these matters tend to overlap with my service of Hashem and the destructive forces within me will take advantage of my attachment to Yiddishkeit by drawing me into obsession, compulsion, isolation and other spirals. Truly, however, we are to serve Hashem with joy! I am not asking you to give me some piece of wisdom that will replace my family, friends, local Jewish community and the incredible nurses, doctors, social workers, etc. who have diligently supported me through this process. I would, however, appreciate some insight on this from our tradition if you know of any. Anything from books, to teachers, to words of wisdom from Torah and Chassidus etc. etc. I feel these items would make a big difference and help to integrate my treatment in a way that is even more apparent. Even a kind word is appreciated. Thank you very much.