Yom Tov Regifting


In Halacha there is a mitzvah for a husband to give his wife a gift, especially clothes, on Yom Tov. My question is, can a husband fulfill this mitzvah with regifting his wife something he had been given previously. Or does he have an obligation to buy it himself to fulfill the commandment?



  1. I could not find any source that deals with your specific question, but I cannot think of a reason why regifting should be a problem. The whole concept of buying something for one’s wife is to bring her joy on Yom Tov. It is not the buying that brings the joy, but, rather, the item. If so, I do not see any Halachic difference between the two. I think that the only critical factor in fulfilling one’s obligation is that whatever the wife receives, brings her joy.

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