Electric Currents and Yom Tov


Do any Poskim permit using electricity on Yom tov because ochel nefesh permits you to expand an existing fire?



  1. It is a fascinating debate among the Poskim as to how to relate to electricity and whether it can be used on Yom Tov. According to Rav Ben Zion Chai Uziel, the first Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel, it is theoretically permissible switch on lights on Yom Tov because it is not creating light. Rather, it is taking a preexisting current that is behind the light switch and moving it to the light fixture. However, because the vast majority of Poskim, led by the Chazon Ish, ruled that it was forbidden, Rav Uziel writes at the end of his scholarly responsa that his conclusion is not to be used for practical Halacha and one should not switch on lights on Yom Tov.

    It is important to point out that Rav Uziel’s Teshuvah is only relating to Yom Tov. According to all opinions, it is forbidden to directly use electricity on Shabbos.

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