Wooden Sticks as Schach


I was taught many years ago in yeshiva that precut wooden sticks sold in hardware stores are not kosher as schach because they are cut to shape and are not in their natural form. I use bamboo mats for my own succah. This year, I spent the first two days of Yom Tov out of town and stayed with a rabbi. I found he had built his succah using these long wooden sticks as his schach. I brought this up with him. He told me that many rabbis do consider wooden sticks unkosher, but he poskins that they are permitted. While I stayed with him for these two days, I had no access to any other succah.
I am on my way home now. But for future reference, what should I do if I find myself in this position? Should I follow what I learned in yeshiva or the rabbi of the small community I am visiting? Should I refrain from reciting leshev b’succah in what according to what I learned is an unkosher succah? Should I refrain from eating all foods that require being eaten in a succah during my stay?



  1. I empathize with your dilemma! So long as the sticks were placed on the Sukkah to fulfill the Mitzvah of schach, I am not sure that there is any problem to use the pre-cut pieces of wood. In any event, even if you feel that it is problematic, if there is no other alternative you may rely on the Rabbi’s ruling even though it is not one that you would normally rely on, and you can recite the Brachah.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team