Women Reciting “Leyshev B’Sukkah”


If women are exempt from eating in the sukkah, do women recite the blessing ” … leyshev basukkah”?



  1. It is actually a fascinating Halachic debate between the Ashkenazic and Sephardic authorities. The Ashkenazic authorities rule that despite women being exempt from the mitzvah, they should still say the Bracha of Leyshev b’Sukkah. The reason: their being exempt from the Mitzvah does not exempt them from making the Bracha if they actually choose to be in the Sukkah.

    The majority of the Sephardic authorities rule that it is a Bracha Levatalah for women, a blessing in vain, and therefore they should not recite it when sitting in the Sukkah.

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