Winning Too Often


There is an online video game I have enjoyed playing over the past few years where participants build a fictional world. I am so good at it, I have become the top champion. Every week, they have a contest in which all those from the online community who play this game compete against each other. The winner doesn’t get any real life money, but gets a large sum of bonus pretend money they can use in the game. For several months now, I have won this contest every week, beating thousands of other participants from around the world. In being so dominant, I have angered other participants. I know because I read the chat the game has and they are all upset they never win because of me, who they know only by my screen name.
Is it a problem in Jewish law that I am depriving others of fictional prize money by playing so well that I am not sharing with others a chance to win sometimes?



  1. There is absolutely no reason I can think of that might suggest that winning too often might be prohibited according to Jewish Law. Even if the prizes were real money, I can’t think why it would be problematic for you to win if you are the best player.

    I hope that you will permit me to point out that I am not sure that investing countless hours in perfecting gaming skills is the best use of a person’s time.

    Best wishes from the Team