Wine Viewed by a Gentile


Some Jews, particularly Hasidism, are Machmir not to use non meshuval wine viewed by a gentile for mitzvot (such as kiddush, havdalah, zimun etc.). I believe this is from Kabbalah. Does this Halacha or chumra apply If viewed indirectly like through a camera or binoculars



  1. I am not familiar with such a minhag – it is certainly not a Halacha. I am not sure that I even understand how it is possible not to use wine that wasn’t looked at by a non-Jew. Whilst it is true that a non-Jew cannot be involved in the picking of the grapes and the production process however, there are usually many non-Jews that are a part of the process that gets the wine onto the shelves of the stores that are selling it, for example the delivery and the warehouse personnel.

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