Who Built the Second Temple?



I have heard from some people that they are under the

assumption that King Herod built our second Temple.

He is kn own for being the greatest master builder.

I find this hard to beleive because he is known in

history for being evil and committing murder. Was it not

Ezra and Nechamia who built the second temple? David did not

build the temple because he was forced to go to war. I am confused

on this subject. A holy house I think was built by holy people

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  1. As you correctly write, the Second Temple was built by Ezra, Nechemiah and Zerubavel after the Jews were allowed back into the Land of Israel after they were sent into exile after the destruction of the First Temple. It could be built only with the permission of the Persian King Daryavesh, son of Queen Esther, because the Persian empire ruled over the Land of Israel at the time.

    Towards the end of the Second Temple period, Herod wanted to raze the Temple and build a much more opulent and impressive building in its place. The Torah Sages, not trusting Herod that he would actually rebuild the Temple after razing it, told him that he should leave the original edifice and build around it, which is what he did.

    The Second Temple was destroyed by the ancient pagan Romans in the year 70 C.E.

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