Korban Compared to Shechita


I guest the title says is all but I am interested in the process of killing and preparing the animal lets say cow or lamb for sacrifice on the altar and the process of shechting the animal for Korban and the checking after shechita for Moom like current Shochtim do compare to the Shechita process if it is at all appropriate to call it that for Korban. For example is the animal let live up to the Altar? In current Shechita we do not know if the animal if Kosher till after the Bedika of the organs after Shechita. Also if we find a nick on the knife after that shechita is that also a problem? If the Animal in the Beis Hamikdash was led up the ramp live and Shechted on the top then where its organ checked afterward or not?



  1. The Korban process was relatively similar to the Shechitah process. The animal was checked for four days prior to its being offered up for any external flaws and then on the day that it was going to be offered up it was slaughtered and then checked for any defects that would render it a treifah.

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