Was Chamul Swarthy?


Chamuwl meaning “spared” son of Perets and grandson of Yhuwdah 1Samuel 25:25 For as his name is, so is he; Does Chamuwl’s name describe the individual bearing it? Chet~Mem~Vav~Lamed cham hot warm Chet~Mem meach fat rich Mem~Chet luwach a tablet of stone~wood~metal~to glisten Lamed~Vav~Chet chamal Verb to commiserate spare pity Chet~Mem~Lamed chuwm dark sunburnt swarthy black dark brown Chet~Vav~Mem Could Chamuwl’s sunburnt sun kissed complexion be a mirror reflection of his father Perets and grandfather Yhuwdah?




  1. As always, your ideas are absolutely intriguing. However, I am not familiar with any classic source that makes mention of Chamul’s appearance.

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