Trying to Understand Genesis


Hello Rabbi, I am trying to believe in the bible, i have questions though can you please help me. 1] What does the torah mean “and the waters that are above the firmament” how are we to understand that? 2] How do we reconcile the seeming contradiction between Genesis 1:12 and chapter 2:5? Rashi gives an explanation but its really hard to believe it since the texts seem to clearly contradict (the verse in genesis 1:12 says that the earth gave forth). 3] when did the blessing of God to adam and Eve in 1:28-30 take place, before or after they were in the garden of eden? From Ch. 2 it seems like eve did not exist yet till adam was already in the garden, and yet the blessing in 1:28 is adressed to “them” ie: man and woman, and this leads to believe that it was after they were kicked out of the garden, but how does that make sense that its after they sinned and kicked out from the garden and cursed by God, only to be blessed in 1:28 and then in 1:31 God says “God saw all that He made and it was very good”, how can that be said after the sin, rather it must be before the sin…. I thought, okay, so maybe the blessing of 1:28 is in the garden, after God made eve but before the sin of the tree, but that doesnt make sense either because 1:29 says “all the herbage is given to you on the entire face of the earth” if they were in garden, why would God tell them anything about the fruits and herbage thats all over the planet unless they were already kicked out of garden, and it cannot be before adan was placed in the garden since eve wasn’t made yet till adam was in garden and the blessing in 1:28 is plural to both adam and his half. So i thought either A] the blessing was in the garden before the sin, and they had permission to come and go from gan eden as they pleased (till they were kicked out) and that’s a novelty and i dont like it, or B] as Jews say that God made them like siamese twins back to back, and so really in 1:29 is before they were in the garden, but they were still back to back and not seperate, they were blessed and then put in the garden and there God split them, but that too is very difficult because it refers to adam as a singular in the beginning of ch. 2 before making eve, and it refers to them as a plural in 1:28 as if theyre separate beings. 4] When the torah says “it was evening and it was morning day 1”, it sounds like by the morning it is already the start of day 2, “it was evening, and then morning, a full day” ie: the day was finished in the morning, and then God began creating of day two that morning. But Jews believe the day starts at night-time, isn’t this a contradiction?


I know this may sound silly, but to me it bothers me all day, i cannot find any answers and it bothers me greatly. If you can please help me in any way i would be extremely greatful 🙏



  1. It doesn’t sound silly at all. Your questions are all very appropriate and need to be answered. However, each question requires a small essay in and of itself, which is really something beyond the scope of this forum. Subsequently, I would suggest that you try a site like and scroll through their selection of books (in English or, if you prefer, in Hebrew) on Genesis. I am sure that you will find several titles there that will pique your curiosity and that will help you understand the depth and complexities of Genesis.

    Best wishes from the Team