Different Questions Regarding IVF


Hello, I am a high school student in Australia studying Judaism and their different beliefs about certain beginning and end of life technologies. For my essay, i have chosen the ethical debates surrounding the use of IVF. I was wondering what perspectives the different branches (reform, conservative, and/or orthodox Jews) believe regarding the following dilemmas:

the status of the embryo, especially regarding the surplus embryos that don’t get used for the pregnancy
the emotional pressures of the mother, especially for multiple rounds of IVF
and the financial cost and access, regarding who has access, and the pressures of the finances on the mother.

any help will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Gateways is an Orthodox organization and follows Jewish Law. We cannot answer for any other sects.

    In theory, embryos that are not used can be either used for research or disposed of. However if the embryo is over three months old it is forbidden to do anything with it except for bury it.

    The general Orthodox Jewish communities have established non-profit organizations to help prospective mothers (and fathers) through the, often, emotionally wrenching experience of trying to become pregnant. There are psychologists whose expertise is this particular field as well as psychiatrists who are on call to help anyone who needs medical emotional support. There are also specially qualified case-workers who help guide the couple (both together and alone) through the medical bureaucracy and the, often indecipherable, insurance requirements.

    The finances are very much a component that can weigh heavily on the couple. The costs can be astronomic. The same organizations that help with the emotional and the medical issues do a lot of fundraising within the the communities to help alleviate the financial burden from the couple so that they can focus their emotional energy on their primary goal which is their heartfelt desire to be able to successfully build a family.

    I wish you every success in writing your essay.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team