The First Rain


Dear Rabbi, when was the first rain? Did rain begin falling only during Noah’s time? Was the mist mentioned in Gen. 2:6 “And a mist ascended from the earth and watered the entire surface of the ground” (Gen. 2:6) the only watering agent until the flood in Noah’s days? Thanks.



  1. We are taught by our Sages in their explanation of Genesis 2:5 (see Rashi’s commentary there if possible), that Adam prayed for rain in the Garden of Eden, and trees grew and herbs blossomed.

    Before Man was created, because there was no one to work the soil, there was no one to recognize the benefit of rain and pray to God for it. But when Man came, he recognized the importance of rain, he prayed to God for it, and rain fell, helping the vegetation to grow. 

    This was the first rain.

    The mist in the verse you mention was used by God to mix with the earth in order to make Man from this “dough”, so to speak. It was not rain.

    Best wishes from the Team