Who Was Malchitzedek?


Who was Malchizedek in the Book of Genesis?

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  1.  Malchitzedek was the king of Salem which was later renamed Jerusalem. After Abraham defeated the kings in battle he traveled to Jerusalem where he was greeted with great honor by Malchitzedek, Priest of God. Abraham, in recognition of Malchitzedek’s spiritual stature, gave a tenth of his possessions to him as a tithe, see Genesis 14:18-20. According to the Sages, Malchidtzedek was Shem, the son of Noah. Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman, points out that the name Malchitzedek is a combination of two words in Hebrew; Melech means king, and Tzedek means righteousness. Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman explains that Malchitzedek was given that name because he was the king of the future site of the Temple, which is the center of righteousness.

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