The First and Last and Only


Dear Rabbi,

I am greatly perplexed by Isa. 43:10b. My English translations tend to render this part as ‘Before Me no god was formed, nor shall there be any after Me’. Needless to say, to an English reader this sounds a lot like HaShem is saying that He was Himself at some point formed (Isa. 43:13a seems to me to be saying the same thing too!).

Can you help me understand these words? I cannot follow HaShem if He is not the Most High God!



  1. From a careful reading of that chapter and the context of those verses, it is clear the inyent is a proof and declaration of Hashem (God) being the One and Only Being in existence. He created all, revealed the Torah into this world and foresaw and foretold all. Did any other “power” or “force” or “deity” ever doing anything like this?! Ever?! Of course not!

    I suggest trying to read the Book of Yeshayahu (Isaiah) with accepted Torah commentaries, such as one available from

    Best wishes from the Team