Sounds Fishy


Asker A* wrote:

Dear Rabbi, I’ve had gefilte fish at Orthodox homes, where the fish plate and silverware were removed before the chicken soup and meat were served. Why must the meat and fish be separated?

Asker B* wrote:

Could you please explain the prohibition of eating fish and cheese together? I would like to know where this law/custom is derived from as I have been told that it is a Chassidic custom. Also, if it is a Chassidic custom and, seeing as though I’m not Chassidic, even if I have been observing this custom for many years under the impression that it was mandatory, do I still have to continue with it? Thanks!



  1. The Talmud prohibits eating fish and meat together, as it can be unhealthy.

    As far as eating fish and cheese, the majority of Jewish authorities rule that it’s permitted. Therefore, you needn’t continue observing this custom.

    However, it’s preferable that you “annul” your previous acceptance of this custom. This is done by appearing before a basic beit din (religious court) of three observant Jews and say, “I practiced this custom because I mistakenly thought it was the law. I wish to be exempt from this practice.” They respond, three times” “mutar lecha…” — “It is permitted for you…”

    Please allow a “joke” on the subject:

    Teacher: “Bobby, use the word ‘officiate’ in a sentence.”

    Bobby: “A man got sick from officiate.”

    Shabbat Shalom!

    Best wishes from the Team