Skipping Hoshanah Rabbah Services


There is a convention for my favorite TV show that is taking place on Hoshana Raba in which I would have a chance to meet in person and greet the actors from the show. I am a big fan of them. It is a 2-hour drive from where I live. I can get home in plenty of time before the start of Yom Tov. That is not the issue. The problem is, to get there at the time the actors will be there, I would have to skip going to shul on Hoshana Raba morning, which I have never done in at least 24 years. There is enough time for me to daven by myself at home before going, but not to go to shul. I feel this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. But at the same time, I am feeling guilty about skipping shul over something like this. I am feeling really conflicted. I have nothing monetarily to benefit from doing this. The only thing I would gain is the joy of meeting them. This convention takes place in a different city every year, and this is the closest it has ever been to where I live.



  1. I agree with your description entirely! Davening on Hoshanah Rabbah with a Minyan is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Hoshanah Rabbah is one of the holiest days of the year. It is the day that the final judgment for this year is passed for each person and it is considered to be one of the most spiritually powerful days in the entire year. A day that does not repeat itself and, because each year is unique, it is a day that cannot be replicated ever again.

    As I am sure you have worked out by now, I think that you should go to Shul and daven slowly and with great intent and concentration. If you are unhappy with what I have written and you are intent on attending the convention, I would suggest that you daven with a Minyan k’Vasikin and then go afterwards.

    Best wishes from the Team