Significance of the Eighth Day


Under the Levitical Law, what is the significance of the eighth day, when a man or woman must bring a sacrice of two turtles or doves? Why the eighth day? What does that do?



  1. The Maharal of Prague, Rabbi Yehuda Loewe, deals in depth with the significance of numbers. He explains that the number seven represents the natural cycle. The seven days of Creation, seven days in the week, etc. The number eight signifies that which is above the natural cycle and natural world.

    This is one of the reasons why Brit Milah is performed on the eighth day. The survival of the Jewish People is not dependent on the natural cycle – if it were, we would no longer be here. The survival of the Jewish People is dependent only on Hashem. Hashem made a pact with us that if we keep His Torah, He will guarantee our survival.

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