Shiva on Shabbat


My husband is sitting shiva for his mother. This coming Shabbat is the last day. Is it permitted to have guests for Shabbat dinner?



  1. The Taz and Shach both rule that when the shiva begins on Sunday and the seventh day is Shabbat, one should observe mourning in private until Shabbat morning after the Shacharit prayers. (Yoreh Deah 402)

    Therefore, it would be inappropriate to have guests on Friday night this week. Having said this, if there is a special need to have guests for some reason, please feel free to write to us at ask@asktherabbi.ORG and we will try to provide further clarification and assistance.

    May Hashem comfort your husband with all the mourners of Israel, and may your family know no more sorrow. Only happy occasions.

    Best wishes from the Team