Shalom Zachar and C-Section


Many Jews practice Shalom Zachar which is a Seudat Mitzvah for new born baby boys (the origin is Talmud saying Jews know the Torah in the womb but lose its knowledge after birth). My question is should they do it if a baby is born from Caesarean section? Or does it make no difference, unlike other aspects of Halacha where it would? The reason I ask is because of the Talmud’s use of the word “emergence” which in other Halacha contingent on childbirth is interpreted as natural birth.



  1. There is no differentiation made for a regular birth or a C-Section, and the custom is to make a Shalom Zachar for both.

    Please allow me to make a small correction. A Shalom Zachar is not categorized as a Seudat Mitzvah. A Shalom Zachar is held on the Friday night after birth (normally, the Friday night before the Brit Milah). People come together with the new father, and often the mother and their newborn baby, to celebrate the birth. One of the reasons given for the custom is because many friends and congregants are not able to attend the Brit, itself, due to prior commitments. Subsequently, on Friday night, when people are at home, there is time to be able to come together and wish Mazal Tov to the new parents.

    Best wishes from the Team