Remedies to G-d’s Decree of Insufficient Income


Now that Rosh Hashanah has passed, G-d has already irrevocably decreed how much income I will earn in the coming year. Suppose the amount G-d has decided for me is insufficient to cover my most basic cost of living. What options do I have?



  1. The only viable option is to do Teshuvah and to beseech Hashem to give you more. The Rabbis explain that one of the many wonderful outcomes of Teshuvah is that the person is no longer considered to be the same person that they were. It is if the person who did Teshuvah is a brand new person and has no connection to the decrees of the past. And that means that the decrees that were decreed for him are no longer applicable because he is no longer the “person” who the decree for too little income was decreed over.

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